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BlueLime | Building brands in Dundee before Dundee was cool

Dundee’s leading marketing agency builds beautiful brands that deliver commercial success for your business. Our creative, strategic team knows just how to blend the beautiful with the commercial, delivering outstanding results for your brand and your business, without you ever having to break a sweat.

Based in Scotland, but with clients across the UK and internationally, Team BlueLime is known for its ability to just get it.

We get what you need, what you’re trying to achieve, how to position your brand, get the content creation process just right – and we do it all at speed, because you’ve got business goals to reach, right?

From Dundee to Dubai and spanning countries in between, we work with clients across many different sectors, including decarbonisation and renewables, real estate, hospitality, leisure and tourism, healthcare, sports, and construction.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to deliver a full marketing service, a digital marketing campaign to launch a new product, lead-generating video content, or need one of our impactful one-day brand workshops, let’s start with a coffee and a conversation.

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Blending beautiful brands with commercial success

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